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Our Tournament Beneficiary

Adventum Mental Health Network is a local 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that elevates mental health by building community, raising awareness, and connecting people with resources to facilitate their mental health journey. We integrate the benefits of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and neuroscience to empower others towards self-regulation and co-regulation. Our programs include Adventum Youth Yoga Lab, BeWell Corporate Wellness, Adventum Allostasis, and our annual Adventum Mindfulness Triathlon.


A triathlon reimagined, the Adventum™ Mindfulness Triathlon was designed to elevate mental health. Our event creates community, removes barriers, and connects people with resources to help them in their mental health journey.

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About the Mindfulness Triathlon

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The Adventum™ Mindfulness Triathlon aims to remove barriers for those hurting in our community. The three barriers we address are:

  • STIGMA: We help remove the stigma towards anxiety and depression. There is no shame in asking for help.

  • RESOURCES: We simplify the process of finding help. Our event brings many resources into one location. Help comes in many forms and we want to make it accessible.

  • ACCESSIBILITY: We equip people with mental health tools that they will have for a lifetime. We believe it is everyone’s birthright to access their breath, body, and mind to optimize their wellbeing.

All participants get free access to the tournament (day of triathlon), VIP Afterparty, and a special TASC membership promotion!

Tyler Athletic and Swim Club
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